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Wilson 301146 Dual Band Phone Cradle Plus Antenna
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Excel wireless
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Product Description

The Wilson 301146 Dual Band Phone Cradle Plus is a dual band phone cradle with a built-in antenna. Using the cradle not only extends cellular range and provides better coverage, but it allows drivers to keep both hands on the wheel when using their cell phones, greatly increasing safety. The cradle can fit any cellular phone, and when the phone is docked supports any hands-free device, including ear-buds and Bluetooth products. The cradle also has a broadcast antenna, which rebroadcasts the boosted signal around the vehicle, supporting many wireless users at once. The cradle comes with 7.5ft of RG174 cable, to run from the amplifier to the cradle.

The cradle can be used with any of the Wilson mobile amplifiers. For use with the 801230 Mini-SignalBoost, please use the cradle with SMA connector.

Installation and usage:
The cradle comes with mounting brackets for installation on the console or dashboard.
The Wilson Cell Phone Cradle has adjustable arms and feet, holding virtually any cell phone currently available. It does not obstruct access to phone controls or connections and the push button release function enables you to quickly remove the phone.

Additional Information

Frequency Dual Band
Impedance 50 ohm
Coaxial Cable RG174 - 7.5 feet
Frequency detail (up/down) 824 - 849 MHz / 869 - 894 MHz and 1850 - 1910 MHz / 1930 - 1990 MHz
Height (Inches) 4.125
Mount Console, dashboard, or windshield
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Omni-directional
Connector Type FME Female
Price: USD 29.00 $29









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