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Wilson 301143 Dual Band Ultra-Slim Antenna
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Excel wireless
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Product Description

The Wilson 301143 Dual Band Ultra-Slim Antenna is a dual band direct connect antenna with 3/2 dB of gain. It is designed to be used as the internal antenna on one of our vehicle amplifiers. The antenna is made of plastic-coated steel wire.

This antenna is multi-band, and covers all global voice and 3G networks. The antenna comes with 7.5 ft of RG174 coaxial cable, with an FME female connector to attach to a Wilson vehicle amplifiers. If you are using this with the mini-SignalBoost, then you will need the SMA connector version.

The Wilson 301143 is an omni-directional antenna. Omni-directional antennas broadcast signal from all directions, and so should be situated in the center of the area where you wish to improve signal.

Mounting details:
The Wilson 301143 can mount to any non-metal surface with 3M adhesive mount.
The standard installation for this antenna is to attach it to the right hand side of the drivers seat, providing a cell zone of coverage throughout the vehicle.

Additional Information

Frequency Dual Band
Impedance 50 ohm
Coaxial Cable RG174 - 7.5 feet
Antenna Gain (low band / high band) 3 / 2
Frequency detail (up/down) 824 - 849 MHz / 869 - 894 MHz and 1850 - 1910 MHz / 1930 - 1990 MHz
Height (Inches) 3.25
Ground Plane Built-In Ground Plane
Material Slim - Plastic-Coated Steel
Mount Any non-metal surface with 3M Adhesive
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Omni-directional
Connector Type FME Female
Price:  USD 17.00 $17.00


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