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N-Male Right to RP-SMA Plug , LMR400 Jumper 2 feet
Excel Wireless offers the durable, well built, quality LMR400 coaxial cable assemblies, with N Male Right Angle to RP SMA Plug connector at each end. We typically stock these cables in a multiple of standard length. But we also can build the customized length per your requirements. The 50 Ohm N Male Right Angle to RP SMA Plug utilize a heat shrink strain relief for a robust cable assemblies. In addition the N Male Right Angle to RP SMA Plug feature gold plated center contacts for minimal attenuation and crimp style connector for a durable attachment .
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Excel wireless
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Product Description

Excel Wireless offers the durable, well built, High quality fully tested N-Male Right to RP-SMA Plug cable assemblies with high performance 400-Series coax (2 feet)cable. These cables have excellent low loss characteristics and have been used for many RF coaxial applications such as in-building wireless coverage, WIFI, WLAN and other applications.


  • N-Male to RP-SMA Plug N-Male Right to RP-SMA Plug connector
  • High performance, high quality 400-series coax cable,2 feet
  • Low loss characteristics
  • Widest selection of lengths with quality connectors
  • Custom cable lengths available


  • WLAN Network
  • WiFi Devices
  • Wireless Antenna Pigtail
  • Wireless OEM Applications
  • Wireless Video/Data


Volume Prices
1 pcs. - 9 pcs. USD 21.38 / pcs.
10 pcs. - 29 pcs. USD 19.24 / pcs.
30 pcs. - 99 pcs. USD 17.10 / pcs


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